Why Changing Your Oil is so Important.

Having your oil changed in your car is imperative for keeping your car running well and for taking care of you car's overall well being. Although it is one of the most basic things you can do for your car it is very important to the life of your engine. Regular oil and filter changes help your car run with optimum efficiency, maximizes it's performance, and extends the life of your engine.

How do I know when to change my oil? 

Over time, your oil breaks down and loses it's effectiveness. It is important to follow your vehicle's recommended mileage, and scheduled maintenance  before damage can occur from deficient oil and lubrication. Your dashboard may not alert you until your oil has deteriorated. It is important to get your oil changed in your car before it affects your engine.

Three reasons to choose Quincy Lube & Oil for your next oil change. 

1. Service, experience, and trust. Quincy Lube & Oil has been serving the Quincy Area since 1993 and has earned the trust of a wide range of customers. Today's vehicles require knowledge and expertise to deal with all the innovations in vehicles. Remember, we have over 100 years of experience taking care of oil changes and other car care services.

2. Drive through quick service. No need to make an appointment! You can just drive up and our service technicians will have your back on the road quickly. You will be able to wait in our comfortable waiting area. We even have free coffee waiting for you.

3. An old fashion standard of honest dependable service. Quincy Lube & Oil's highly trained technicians will take care of your car while our front desk staff will make sure you understand your service and get you on your way with a smile.

Quincy Lube & Oil was formerly known as Lube Pros of Quincy. Same owners and management, the only thing that has changed is the name. Stop by our Quincy location at 3900 Broadway. We are conveniently located next to Taco Bell and across the the street from Applebees. We even have a car wash located on our property.

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